Qualtrics, Nexthink Partnership Aims at Strengthening Digital Experience

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Qualtrics and Nexthink, a digital employee experience management software provider, announced a partnership aimed at improving the digital employee experience their joint customers offer their workers.

The collaboration brings together both operational data from Nexthink and employee experience data from Qualtrics “to provide companies insights on where and how they can improve workplace technology experiences, through the lens of the employee,” the companies said.

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Nexthink co-founder and CEO Pedro Bados said that engaging with employees in real-time is the key to supporting them in remote and hybrid digital work environments. Through engagement, he said, companies can better understand their workers’ needs, drive transformation and deliver improved experiences using digital services.

“Integrating real-time metrics on devices, applications and networks with experience data from Qualtrics will provide IT teams with the ultimate single pane of glass to understand end-to-end digital employee experience while taking real-time actions to improve them,” Bados said.

‘Critical’ to Employee Experience

For his part, Qualtrics President of Products and Services Brad Anderson said that the technology used by employees work has become a critical part of the employee experience. He pointed out that workers are more engaged and productive when organizations have the right systems, software and tools in place to support their work.

“Having experience data from Qualtrics with operational data from Nexthink helps IT leaders deliver the technology experiences that impact employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity,” he said.

In February, Nexthink said its annual recurring revenue grew by 42% globally during 2021, spurred by the shift to remote and hybrid work, coupled with trends such as the Great Resignation. Such dynamics, the company said, have triggered a change in the way organizations think about employee satisfaction, sentiment and productivity. During the year, the company signed more than 160 new customers. In addition to Qualtrics, it signed new partnership agreements with a number of vendors including HP, Citrix and Qualcomm Technologies.

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