TaskHuman Broadens Reach With New Coaching Program

Remote Learning

Digital coaching platform TaskHuman launched Leadership Coaching, a program designed to make training and development accessible wherever and whenever it’s needed. Available now, the program expands TaskHuman’s personal coaching networking features.

Leadership Coaching will allow talent development and HR leaders to deliver personalized training and guidance at scale from a global community of experts, the company said. The program further expands TaskHuman’s personal coaching network, which the company said covers nearly 1,000 aspects of daily work and personal life.

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According to TaskHuman CEO Ravi Swaminathan, the program provides leadership coaching to anyone in any company, not just a few executives. Such an approach is “foundational” to all employees’ aspirations to develop their leadership skills, he said. To succeed with this, business leaders must “meet people where they are by effectively investing in them, both in their work and personal lives, at every stage in their career path.”

Expanding Leadership Curriculum

The new platform allows organizations to enhance their existing curriculum, initiatives and training plans with unlimited, year-round one-on-one coaching and group sessions.  Aligned to key subject and functional areas, the learning program is built from content in over 125 L&D topics.

Organizations can also customize their curriculum, allowing teams to choose from a number of guided journeys that are tailored to various needs and positions, including leadership cohorts such as first-line managers, sales leaders and middle management.

TaskHuman argues that offering professional growth and L&D opportunities are now table-stakes in the highly competitive environment of talent acquisition and retention. Organizations need scalable solutions that meet the needs of today’s often remote or hybrid workplace, the company said.

In November 2021, TaskHuman said raised $9.5 million in Series A funding. The investment brought the company’s total raised to date to $14.3 million. At the time, the company said the funds would be used for product development, to support the platform’s expansion into a wider range of topics and to reach more users.  

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