Qualtrics, WorkJam Partnership Aims to Strengthen Performance, Improve Customer Experience

WorkJam Devices

Qualtrics and WorkJam announced a partnership focused that aims to improve the frontline employee experience in ways that will lead to a better customer experience.

By combining Qualtrics’ conversational intelligence technology with WorkJam’s app for frontline workers, the companies say they’ll provide companies with a continuous view of their frontline priorities, needs and concerns. That, in turn, will help boost engagement and performance, they said.

Experiences delivered by employees — especially frontline employees — have an impact that goes beyond the customer experience, the companies said. According to the Qualtrics XM Institute, the customer’s experience with speed, friendliness and order accuracy can all impact an employee’s feelings of connection and trust with each other, senior leaders and their company’s broader vision and values.

Employee State of Mind

The partnership enables joint customers to use Qualtrics’ conversational intelligence capabilities to analyze unstructured experience data from sources like WorkJam’s employee communication and training module. As a result, managers can better understand their frontline employees’ state of mind and keep up-to-date on areas that may need leadership attention, the companies said.

For example, Qualtrics AI might identify trending in-store issues with a new product rollout or high-performing employees who deserve recognition. With that information, store managers can take steps to boost engagement, productivity and efficiency.

“Organizations build trust with frontline employees and encourage life-long customers by listening and taking action on feedback in the moment, across every frontline touchpoint,” observed Qualtrics President of Product and Engineering Brad Anderson.  

In addition, the partnership allows joint customers to trigger tasks within the WorkJam app using Qualtrics CustomerXM. In one example, the companies said, a convenience store company with over 40,000 employees posted QR codes around their stores for customers to use with their phones to share feedback via a Qualtrics survey. Certain survey responses automatically triggered an appropriate workflow in the WorkJam app.

WorkJam recently announced a partnership with UKG designed to simplify frontline workforce management for large and mid-sized organizations while increasing efficiency, employee engagement and operational execution.  

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