Radicle Health Releases Product Suite, Acquires Digital Assistant

Radicle Health Releases Product Suite, Acquires Digital Assistant Sara

The human services software organization Radicle Health launched Radicle Apps, the offering which aims to address the staffing crisis within the industry. The new product is a suite of platform-agnostic software and services for Radicle Health’s customers.

Launched by ASG in 2021, Radicle Health acquires, operates and grows human services software organizations. The company is comprised of Foothold Technology, Exym, Link2Feed and KCare which together provide platform technology solutions to companies in the U.S. and Canada.

“Our customers consistently report 20-40% staff vacancy rates, while battling an all-time high need for services,” said Radicle Health CEO Tyler Hoffman. “Our customers are facing extreme pressure to meet soaring demand with dwindling supply. They are looking for us to support them in new ways, and Radicle Apps is our response.”

Tools for Human Services

According to the company, Radicle Apps will be similar to an app store where customers can add software and services to solve their organization’s challenges.

“We envision Radicle Apps encompassing both software and services that complement our platforms; for example, tools that help our customers improve employee and client happiness, reduce manual work, increase revenue and reduce costs. The first area of focus for Radicle Apps is to help automate the time-consuming, routine tasks that plague all human services organizations,” said Radicle Apps President Emily Branton.

In addition to the new offering, Radicle Health also acquired Sara, a digital assistant for case managers and human services frontline staff. Sara automates otherwise manual and repetitive tasks such as administrative paperwork. The goal of the product is to reduce the time staff members need to spend on these duties and, therefore, increase overall productivity. The assistant is capable of direct client communication and automatically stores the interactions in an organization’s existing platform technology system. It can also manage electronic signatures and has HIPAA compliant remote video conferencing.

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