Randstad Sourceright Upgrades MSP Product for Contingent Workforce

Workforce Manafement

Randstad Sourceright launched the latest evolution of its managed service provider offerings, which are tailored to managing today’s increasingly complex contingent workforce.

Based on the company’s “Step>Edge>Ahead” consulting framework, the new MSP Ahead combines cloud platforms, talent community technologies, supply chain management, automation and satisfaction measurement. The aim is to give clients better insight into their total workforce, the company said. It also offers custom-built solutions to manage contingent talent.

“Managed services programs have typically included only contingent labor, with a focus on compliance and cost savings,” said JoAnne Estrada, global head of Randstad Sourceright’s contingent workforce strategies. “We have evolved the offering to include all types of talent, working ‘upstream’ to identify the appropriate talent pools even before a hiring need exists.”

That’s an ambitious undertaking, especially when, as Randstad noted, freelancers and contractors are often siloed within departments scattered across the organization. The issue can be especially problematic for multinational employers, who often employ hundreds of contingent workers without having a management structure in place to ensure they’re being used effectively or paid properly.

Among other things, the company’s talent model will offer employers:

  • Advanced analytics for predictive supply and demand modeling,
  • A contingent worker management platform and CRM.
  • Automated search, match and chatbot technology.
  • Online video interviewing and self-service interview scheduling
  • Automated hiring manager and contractor satisfaction measurement.
  • Process automation and robotics on core administrative processes.

Another Approach to Contingent Management

As we’ve written before, contingent workers are almost certainly going to play a larger role in workforce strategies, and observers seem unanimous in thinking that HR technology vendors develop better ways not only to plan for contingent workers, but to better integrate them into the workforce.

While Randstad Sourceright’s not a technology provider, per se, it offers a solution that draws on the resources and technology of its parent, Randstad N.V., to make it more efficient for customers to oversee contingent workers and make their contingent work programs more visible.

Randstad Sourceright has more than 700 engagements in 73 countries.

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