SaaS Security Platform DoControl Integrates With HRIS Solutions

Data Security

SaaS security platform DoControl integrated with several HRIS platforms, including Workday and HiBob, to help companies leverage metadata to make better security decisions. The integrations will enable DoControl to monitor suspicious activity and trigger automated workflows when necessary to address top security concerns and insider threats from departing employees.

Founded in 2020, DoControl aims to aid organizations in managing security risks and protect against data leaks by giving them the tools necessary for data access monitoring, orchestration and remediation within SaaS applications.

Enhancing Data Security

DoControl said that by working with a company’s existing HRIS, its products can give customers more context into the actions of employees, current or past, while providing SaaS security policies throughout business-critical applications.

In addition, the integration offers the ability to:

  • Continuously sync a company’s list of departing and terminated employees using its insider threat management software.
  • Deploy anomaly-detection mechanisms to identify inappropriate end-user behavior and send real-time notifications to security teams via DoControl’s risk management solution.
  • Notify an employee’s manager about security concerns or violations through automated security workflows. These are initiated in real time when employment status or changes are triggered to prevent workers from exfiltrating data stored in SaaS applications.

“SaaS applications have a goldmine of valuable data that could easily fall in the wrong hands, and timing around separation of this data is critical,” observed DoControl CEO Adam Gavish. “An employee who is no longer with a company or has been let go can download, share or even delete files in the course of a few minutes.”

“Through this integration, DoControl will be better able to protect customers from insider threats arising from a dismissal, enabling them to closely monitor employee behavior and shut down access to SaaS assets and applications when permissions need updating or the employee’s tenure with the company ends,” Gavish said.


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