SAP SuccessFactors Pushes ‘Employee Experience Management’ Solutions

SAP Sapphire 2019

Qualtrics’ impact on SAP’s roadmap was evident at this year’s SapphireNow conference, as the company introduced 10 products based on its acquisition’s approach to using data to measure experience. Three of these are “Employee Experience Management” solutions that can be built directly into existing HR systems such as, of course, SuccessFactors.

The products are designed to gather data on the worker’s experience throughout the employee lifecycle, and analyze employee feedback to uncover predictive and personal insights that managers can act on. The approach flows from Qualtrics’ approach of using X-data (experience) and O-data (operational) to measure and manage customer, employee, product and brand experiences.

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SAP SuccessFactors President Greg Tomb said “an engaged, motivated, healthy workforce” is critical to business performance. So, he continued, “the fact that we can now connect operational HR data from SAP SuccessFactors solutions with employee experience data from Qualtrics solutions is very exciting for us.”

Experience Management in SAP SuccessFactors

The solutions unveiled for SAP SuccessFactors unveiled are:

  • Employee Engagement, which pinpoints, in real time, experience, engagement and productivity drivers so HR departments and managers can act in real time to attract, develop, engage and retain talent. Employee Engagement analyzes open text and runs statistical analyses to predict the most important engagement and impact drivers within an organization. Managers can use its dashboards to see where they can drive improvements for their teams.
  • Employee Lifecycle delivers real-time, actionable insights on employee experiences across the entire employee journey. It provides onboarding and exit content, as well as workflow and automations directly to an employer’s HCM system. By triggering surveys at specific milestones– such as first-day onboarding, training and promotion—Lifecycle is meant to help HR create and understand personalized employee experiences
  • Employee Benefits Optimizer: This solution, which Qualtrics began talking about in April, helps employers align benefits and compensation packages with their culture and budget. It simulates trade-offs employees are willing to make in their benefits packages, offers guided configurability and delivers real-time reports on which packages have the most impact.

Enterprise-Wide Experience

The products were unveiled at SAP’s annual Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, which McDermott said has 30,000 attendees this year. So far, the event’s theme is about “the way consumers and enterprises interact with each other.” It’s a logical message to spread as HR organizations increase their efforts to provide employees with a consumer-like experience.

“Experience Management is the new frontier for the world’s best-run businesses,” SAP CEO Bill McDermott said in a statement. During his keynote, he added, “Every CEO is trying to solve the experience gap.” Frustrated people, he observed, “will look elsewhere for their solution.”

Ryan Smith, Qualtrics’ co-founder and CEO, sounded the same note. “We live in the experience economy where organizations are either intentionally racing to the top or unknowingly racing to the bottom,” he said. Used together, X-data and O-data can “tell the story of what is happening in an organization, why it’s happening and how to act in real time to deliver breakthrough business results.”

SAP acquired Qualtrics in January. At the time, McDermott said the move would “accelerate the XM category with an end-to-end solution with immediate global scale.” SAP sees Qualtrics is as an enterprise-wide feedback-gathering tool for topics related to operations and customers as well as employee experience.

Updated 5/7/19 to clarify solutions can be built into HCM systems besides SAP SuccessFactors.

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