GR8 People Enhancement Helps Automate Recruiting

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GR8 People released EUREKA!, an “autonomous talent delivery” a native feature for its recruiting platform.

Built in to GR8 People, EUREKA is designed to identify, match, screen and engage talent with increased precision, the company said. The tool helps recruiters to minimize the time they spend on the labor-intensive components of talent acquisition.  

.@GR8People released EUREKA!, an “autonomous talent delivery” feature for its #recruiting platform. With it, the company enters a crowded market. #HR #HRTech Share on X

When a job is created, EUREKA uses AI and machine learning to identify matched and scored candidates. It then automatically sends personalized communications to kick off the recruiting process and keep candidates engaged.

Observing that recruiters need to develop real relationships with the most attractive candidates, GR8 People Chief Product Officer Jayne Kettles said, “In order to achieve this, we needed to remove the low-value task work and apply AI and machine learning at key moments in the candidate journey so that recruiters can spend their time on what really matters.”

GR8 People’s Competition

In launching EUREKA, GR8 People wades into an increasingly crowded market. In recent months, a number of HR tech companies have introduced tools designed to take nuts-and-bolts work off recruiter’s shoulders so they can spend more time on high-value tasks like building and nurturing candidate relationships.

Earlier this year, Leoforce added automation tools to its Arya product to streamline the recruiting process’s early steps, such as qualifying candidates.

In addition, a number of video tools have been introduced with the core message of simplifying life for recruiters. PeopleFluent, for example, now allows recruiters to present specific questions that candidates can answer at their convenience, 24/7. That saves quite a bit of time in the process’s initial stages, recruiters say.

In 2018 Korn Ferry Futurestep predicted that technology would take on a larger role in recruiting: “With technology taking the brunt of the once cumbersome work, recruiters now have more time to invest in high-value areas of delivering an outstanding candidate experience and impactful advice to hiring managers,” the firm said.

An Autonomous ATS

With all that said, GR8 People’s EUREKA seems like a solid package. Among other things, the company said it:

  • Provides recruiters with matched, scored and qualified candidates. 
  • Improve the candidate experience with automated and personalized communications that deliver well-matched job opportunities, then continues to engage with candidates at frequency they specify.
  • Identifies and communicates internal mobility opportunities for existing employees.
  • Uses machine learning to ensure continuous improvement by adjusting search criteria for the best results.
  • Provides analytics to measure performance and report on ROI.

According to Technavio, relatively low prices and integration of increasingly sophisticated analytics tools will drive the U.S. market for applicant tracking systems to a CAGR of 9 percent by 2021. Because the market has become “intensely competitive and fragmented,” Technavio said, vendors are under pressure to develop innovative products with advanced capabilities that help businesses operate with more speed and efficiency.

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