SeekOut Launches Generative AI Technology Based on ChatGPT

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Talent intelligence platform SeekOut launched new generative AI technology based on OpenAI’s GPT. Called SeekOut Assist, the tool allows recruiting teams to quickly move from a job description to initial contact with candidates, the company said.

According to SeekOut, the product works with recruiters to quickly surface qualified candidates. When recruiters paste a job description into the system, SeekOut generates a list of the most qualified candidates for the role.

The system uses GPT technology to break down job descriptions into search criteria such as job title, required skills and preferred skills. It then analyzes over 800 million profiles in SeekOut’s talent database to find the best matches. SeekOut said the search criteria it uses are transparent, explainable and can be further fine-tuned by a recruiter.

Personalized Outreach at Scale

The best recruiters research candidates and craft highly personalized messages to increase their email response rates. SeekOut Assist generates a personalized message to the candidate based on their unique qualifications for the role.

In addition, SeekOut Assist analyzes the information in each candidate’s SeekOut profile, including skills and experiences. The technology uses the candidate profile and job description to write a personalized outreach message to the candidate, improving the chances of a response.  

SeekOut believes its new approach to generative AI could have a serious impact on how recruiters get their jobs done. To use Josh Bersin’s words, “Generative AI will be a total game changer in HR.”

“SeekOut Assist is a big step forward in solving real business problems with the power of Generative AI and will make our customers radically more productive and effective,” said SeekOut Co-Founder and CTO Aravind Bala. “We’re excited about the future of AI in the HR technology space, and look forward to working with our customers and partners to build new tools that make recruiters’ contributions to their organizations even more strategic.”

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