ServiceNow Launches AI Solution for Skills-Based Workforce Management 

ServiceNow EGD

ServiceNow announced Employee Growth and Development, or EGD, an AI-powered solution to aid organizations with their skills-based workforce management.

EGD is meant to help companies better understand their workforce’s strengths and build a scalable skills strategy that both closes talent gaps and improves the employee experience on a single platform, ServiceNow said.

According to SHRM, 76% of employees say they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous learning and development. That means they risk losing talent if leaders don’t focus on skills development, ServiceNow believes. EGD is designed to address this by connecting disconnected point solutions used to guide employees and managers through career plans and development goals.

Architected for Integration

ServiceNow says its open architecture allows companies to integrate with systems across the enterprise, as well as with third-party and external data sources. EGD, in effect, acts as connective tissue to help companies move functionality out of point solutions and into consumer-centric experiences for employees, managers and business leaders.

“With Employee Growth and Development, ServiceNow is taking a major step forward in helping organizations simplify and optimize [the growth and development] experience,” said Gretchen Alarcon, the company’s senior vice president and general manager of employee workflows. EGD, she explained, “spans back-end systems so employees have a central place to access and act on all their learning, development and growth needs.”

By bringing together learning, development and skills intelligence on a single platform, EGD will give organizations the ability to act on insights rather than instinct, ServiceNow said. The product allows them to develop a data-driven talent management strategy that predicts, identifies and develops the skills that will have the greatest impact on the business.

Employee Growth and Development is expected to be generally available this fall as part of ServiceNow’s Vancouver release.

Separately, ServiceNow said it’s enhancing its training program with an expanded curriculum to include partner courses. Courses from Microsoft will be the first to be included, the company said.  The training program will help accelerate the talent readiness necessary for customers and partners to work with the ServiceNow and Microsoft ecosystems.

Image: ServiceNow

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