What’s Holding Employees Back from Being More Productive?

Hybrid HR

Businesses are failing to promote employee productivity with new time-saving technologies, hybrid work and talent development, according to a new study from Slack. The company’s State of Work Report found that only 23% of organizations are investing in new technology to improve its workforce’s productivity and efficiency. Meanwhile, just 27% have implemented AI tools to help their employees do their work.

“The workplace is continuously evolving – and never more so than in the past few years,” said Salesforce President and Chief People Officer Brent Hyder. “Companies must rethink the employee experience to increase productivity today.” 

Hyder believes organizations need to embrace new ways of working, such as flexibility, automation, AI and collaboration tools. According to Slack, many businesses are “stuck in the old ways of working and antiquated approaches to driving productivity.”

In response, the report identified the trends that are driving employee productivity today include the implementation of new technologies such as AI and automation and those supporting employee engagement and talent development.

AI Tools or Productivity With AI

The report also showed that employees at companies that have adopted AI rated themselves as more efficient in their work, with 90% saying they have higher levels of productivity. In addition, those who use automation at work reported saving an estimated 3.6 hours a week on manual tasks. They can now use that time to focus on “meaningful tasks,” they said.

Despite that, 60% of respondents said their company has not incorporated any AI into their work, and 43% said their team had added no automations to make work more efficient.

“AI and automation are on everyone’s minds in 2023. Yet it is crystal clear from this research that most organizations are barely scratching the surface of their productivity value in daily work,” said Rob Seaman, senior vice president of enterprise product at Slack. “There’s a huge opportunity for organizations to help employees work smarter, more efficiently, and more pleasantly.”

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