SilkRoad Announces End-to-End Talent Acquisition Solution

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SilkRoad completed a two-way integration between its candidate sourcing and applicant tracking systems, which the company said will create an end-to-end talent solution that covers the entire talent lifecycle.

The combined systems, Search and Recruiting, will help organizations identify, reach, engage and convert talent, the company said. The integration’s goal was to allow clients to build strategic pipelines and deliver better candidate experiences from one location. With the project, SilkRoad becomes the only solution on the market that enables clients to build strategic, competitive pipelines and deliver strong candidate-to-new-hire experiences. Those, the company said, will become a business necessity as the economy and labor market remain in flux.

The integration helps companies find candidates and send them to their ATS for immediate consideration, said Robert Tsao, SilkRoad’s CEO. “Going forward, we will embed AI matching directly into Recruiting so that all job openings are automatically matched with relevant candidates who are ready to move,” he said.

In addition, SilkRoad said it will automatically create talent pools and engage candidates with “branded multi-touch nurture campaigns to drive awareness and conversion.” This will help recruiters leverage capabilities for sourcing efficiency and make more high-touch efforts to build better relationships with candidates, the company said.

Past Additions

In August 2022, SilkRoad added candidate sourcing and recruitment marketing from the TA platform Entelo to its technology and talent acquisition solutions. As a result, customers are able to use the company’s products across their talent acquisition strategy, up to the point of onboardiing.

SilkRoad said the integration aimed to help organizations:

  • Source and convert in-demand talent, especially from underrepresented groups
  • Identify and engage talent pools while building brand awareness, relationships and interest in open positions
  • Deliver onboarding experiences that drive time to productivity, retention and engagement
  • Gain visibility into the ROI and impact of talent acquisition strategies.

These new capabilities well-position SilkRoad to improve the impact of talent acquisition strategies amidst the business landscape’s change and disruption, said Chief Experience Officer Lilith Christiansen.

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