SkillCycle Upgrades Platform to Better Tie L&D, Performance

SkillCycle Performance

Learning company SkillCycle upgraded its learning development platform to better link learning and performance management. With it, the company hopes to help HR support both personal and organizational performance goals, and help close skills gaps along the way. 

The new features translates employee feedback into personalized learning, which in turn makes it more actionable. In addition, the platform provides data insights to help companies understand how employee development is tied to goals, progress, outcomes and ROI.

SkillCycle said the product enhancements will further its goal of fusing learning, engagement and performance, which helps cut down the “technology bloat” many employers deal with. The result, the company said, is cleaner, real-time data on skills gaps, performance progress and sentiment analysis.

Connecting Performance and Learning

“We hear it every day from customers, prospects, learners, coaches, practically everyone we encounter at SkillCycle,” said SkillCycle CEO and Co-Founder Kristy McCann Flynn. “Even when organizations are looking to grow right now, they’re being pragmatic about their talent.”  

SkillCycle believes executives are increasingly focused on leveraging technology as a means toward workforce investment. More specifically, they want to invest in tools that improve performance while avoiding distractions that hamper growth.  

SkillCycle was originally known as GoCoach, but relaunched itself as SkillCycle in January. The repositioning was mean to demonstrate that SkillCycle brings “all the tenets of talent, learning and career development together into one ecosystem.” From the beginning, SkillCycle has sought to integrate personalized learning into every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Founded in 2018, the company provided learning and development experiences as well as upskilling to employees in small to mid-sized businesses. At the time of the rebrand, the company said its goal was to help employees take ownership of their careers by way of education, while simultaneously helping employers meet business goals.

Image: SkillCycle

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