Skillsoft Releases AI-Powered Conversation Simulator

Skillsoft Releases AI-Powered Conversation Simulator

Skillsoft launched the beta for its AI conversation simulator CAISY, a tool that claims to help build business and leadership conversational skills. The company said the product will provide employees with “a safe space” to practice important business conversations with an AI trainer.

“Through experiential, active learning, organizations can prepare employees across the business to achieve sustainable change through behaviors and actions,” the company said.

With the new tool, employees can input the type of conversation they want to practice and get personalized feedback — including an overall rating of the interaction. The product gives employees advice on both what they did well and suggestions for improvement to guide development and help them optimize the conversation for the future.

The solution currently has a limited number of conversations users can practice, including coaching an absent employee, change management and product launch decisions. However, the company said more scenarios would be added in the future.

The Power of Communication

According to the company, the simulator has two modes, practice and role model to give users the opportunity to give their own responses and see how the AI trainer would handle a conversation.

In addition, the solution has “behavior profiles” which simulate the different responses the other person in the conversation may have, such as defensive, dismissive and accepting.

“Communication will always be the key to business success, no matter the role. Important business conversations are part of not only individual career growth, but organizational success,” the company said. “These business conversations may change as employees progress in their career, but the common denominator will always be the ability to communicate effectively. It is a timeless skill that every employee needs to consistently nurture as they move from role to role, or up the chain of command – whether it comes naturally or not.”

In July, Skillsoft launched ChatGPT Learning Journey, a course on generative AI, which is designed to help organizations and workers develop the skills they need to use AI “productively and ethically.” The solution uses both on-demand courses and hands-on experiences to provide users with the opportunity to gauge proficiency and apply skills.

Image: Skillsoft

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