ZipRecruiter and UKG Partner to Support Enterprise Hiring

ZipRecruiter and UKG Partner for Enterprise Hiring

ZipRecruiter and UKG partnered with the goal of supporting enterprise hiring. The companies said the partnership will include an integration that will accelerate the time-to-hire and improve the quality of candidates in the pipeline.

The integration will give UKG customers access to ZipRecruiter’s marketplace and application process solution. It will allow job seekers to apply to positions from UKG’s API directly on ZipRecruiter, without needing to be redirected to a different website or company career page. From there, candidate information is delivered back into the ATS and attached to the appropriate requisition, resolving multiple platform workflows and housing all candidate management in one centralized location.

According to the companies, this will remove “the burden of administrative work so that talent acquisition teams can focus on what matters most – building relationships with candidates.” In addition, the integration promises “better applicant volume” for job openings.

Navigating Hiring Challenges

UKG said the addition of the integration with ZipRecruiter will help talent teams target specific candidates with custom messaging, keywords and geography. With it, organizations can also utilize AI to proactively reach candidates through various channels including web, email and mobile app.

With this partnership, the company’s hope to better service employers of all sizes, empowering them to streamline their hiring processes, make data-driven decisions and ultimately build high-performing teams.

“In today’s highly competitive landscape, enterprise organizations face unique challenges and complexities in their recruitment efforts. We are committed to supporting these organizations by providing innovative solutions to simplify the recruiting process from end to end,” said ZipRecruiter Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Enterprise Solutions Matt Plummer.

In June, UKG announced its acquisition of Immedis, a global payroll provider with technology and services operating in more than 160 countries. The acquisition included a collaboration between UKG and Immedis, One View which harnessed the strengths of both organizations to transform the “traditionally fragmented global payroll model.”

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