SmartLinx Introduces New Features to Mobile App for Healthcare Workers

SmartLinx Go

SmartLinx Solutions added features to its SmartLinx Go mobile app to give healthcare workers the ability to check real-time schedules, attendance and pay resources.

The company’s pitch is that such features will increase engagement by helping employees balance work and life. SmartLinx Go was originally launched in February 2019.

New release of @SmartLinx Go helps healthcare workers resolve scheduling problems without involving managers at each step. #HR #HRTech #Mobile Share on X

SmartLinx said the new features enhance Go’s end-to-end experience that helps them identify desirable open shifts and determine whether to take personal time off or swap shifts when days off are needed. The app also helps managers close scheduling gaps more quickly, the company said.

Among other things, it helps employees resolve scheduling issues without having to involve managers until the end of the process. Managers receive an audit history as well as final approval of each change. In addition, a new geo-fencing feature allows employees to punch in from authorized worksites while enabling managers make sure employees are in the right place at the right time.

Among the update’s key features:

  • Mobile support allows users to check their schedules and assigned units, plan time off, manage timecards and access pay information.
  • Self-scheduling enables workers to sign up for open shifts and swap shifts with manager approval.
  • Remote worksite support lets authorized employees punch in from remote worksites with manager oversight.
  • Real-time notifications to alert workers to scheduling changes, available open shifts and responses to requests via text, email or in-app notifications.
  • Automatic push of schedules and updates to all employees.

CEO Marina Aslanyan said Go “was designed with today’s healthcare worker in mind and tested to ensure an intuitive experience.”  

SmartLinx Solutions recently partnered with New York-based Viventium Software to extend their reach into each other’s customer base. Viventium focuses on software that manages employees and payroll processes. That fits neatly with SmartLinx’s suite covering scheduling, workforce, and compliance processes.

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Image: SmartLinx

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