SmartRecruiters Launches New Theme: ‘Hiring Without Boundaries’

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SmartRecruiters unveiled “Hiring Without Boundaries,” a new message that’s designed to help talent acquisition teams “break free from the limitations of legacy technology.”

The company believes the concept “is the future of talent acquisition,” said CEO Michael DeSimone. “It’s about helping companies meet people where they are and future-proofing their hiring strategies.” 

Driven by the no-boundaries concept, SmartRecruiters introduced a “boundless user experience for hiring teams,” including seamless integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. “No one is hanging out in their ATS,” said Jim Milton, SmartRecruiters’ senior vice president of strategy. The new initiative will help hiring teams take advantage of his company’s capabilities from within the apps used during the normal course of work, he said.

Matching Certification

At the same time, SmartRecruiters launched the Hiring Success Certification in partnership with SocialTalent. The credential is designed to combine SmartRecruiters’ TA transformation skills with SocialTalent’s e-learning platform for hiring and talent management.

The program covers everything from people, processes and technology strategies to measurement to provide insights and strategies for achieving and measuring hiring results. As part of the collaboration, SmartRecruiters is offering customers free access to the Hiring Success™ Certification on SocialTalent.

Meanwhile, SmartRecruiters announced the upcoming launch of the Hiring Success Consultancy, a partner service meant to complement the Hiring Success Certification. SmartRecruiters said that it intends to offer access to the Hiring Success program through consulting agencies such as Cielo, WilsonHCG, AMS, DTC, Talent International and TQ Solutions.

In June, SmartRecruiters launched SmartOnboard, a native solution it says will deliver “a seamless onboarding experience” for newly hired employees. The new product allows HR teams to cut the time necessary to provide new workers with a “simple, tailored” onboarding experience.

SmartOnboard would also deliver a “compelling” new experience, standardized and automated onboarding activities, improved compliance measures and cost savings, the company said at the time.

Image: Wikimedia

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