Talroo Launches AI-Powered Job Title Optimizing Solution

Talroo Pro

Talroo released Enterprise AI-Powered Smart Job Titles, which is meant to help staffing agencies attract more qualified candidates. The product uses AI to optimize the titles in job postings based on prevalent job searches and conversions for similar roles.

The company said Smart Titles works with any existing ATS feed, or any programmatic job advertising bidding tool’s feed.

The solution will help recruiters implement A/B job title tests, so that companies have more control and flexibility when attracting candidates to their open positions, the company said.

“Job titles create a job seeker’s first impression,” observed Talroo CEO Thad Price. “But by thinking more like a marketer and understanding your job seeker audience, staffing companies can greatly improve their campaigns’ performances by showcasing what is important to job seekers earlier in the application process. This provides better candidate quality by refining the process and expands the reach to new audiences.”

Price said the product’s results have been “impactful,” with one customer increasing their daily candidates increase from 250 to 1,500

Enhancing Job Listings

According to Talroo, Smart Titles will increase exposure for advertised jobs, as well as:

  • Inform generated titles by allowing recruiters to decide how much weight the system puts on a combination of the job itself, the original title and the job description to improve their ad’s clickthrough rate.
  • Update various jobs in a campaign by dragging and dropping a .csv file into the Talroo Ad Platform. These new titles will run alongside the original for the platform’s Target CPA bidding in order to optimize toward the highest converting title.

In December, Talroo launched its Publisher Optimization Platform, which was meant to give community news sites, career sites, blogs and job sites the ability to integrate job search services into their site experiences, articles, content, job listings and job alerts.

Image: Talroo

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