Talroo Launches Publisher Optimization Platform

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Talroo launched its Publisher Optimization Platform, a new offering meant to give community news sites, career sites, blogs and job sites the ability to integrate job search services into their site experiences, articles, content, job listings and job alerts. 

The company said POP will help its customers “reach a higher intent audience, deliver a wider array of talent and build greater audience loyalty.”

.@Talroo_Official's new Publisher Optimization Platform aims to give online publications the ability to integrate job search services. #HR #HRTech Share on X

With the looming possibility of economic downturn and widespread layoffs, workers – employed and unemployed alike – are becoming increasingly active in their job search. As a result, an estimated 65% of the U.S. workforce is always looking for their next job opportunity, according to PricewaterhouseCooper’s recent Pulse Survey. So, being able to reach job seekers through all channels is becoming increasingly important for employers.

The Complete Experience

The Publisher Optimization Platform will provide organizations with:

  • A full job search experience with enhanced job meta tags including job pay, benefits and bonuses, suggested job searches, recommended jobs and featured employers.
  • Tools that customers can use to help connect featured jobs to monetize audiences on their sites.
  • Advertising opportunities which Talroo will bid up for job advertising placements driving higher-intent audiences and bid down for placements driving lower-intent audiences.
  • A large job search audience, which advertisers using the Talroo Ad Platform will be able to access.
  • The flexibility to integrate all or some components of Talroo’s POP based on a company’s business needs.

“We are committed to providing job search tools to help partners connect their visitors to the right jobs,” said Talroo CEO Thad Price. “By delivering engaging tools driven by data, we can go beyond a simple job search to help online destinations build their own audience of engaged job seekers.”

In November, Talroo began offering Spanish-language translation for all positions on Jobs2Careers.com, its proprietary job board. The company made the move with an eye on the growing Hispanic community and the rising number of employers making the recruitment and hiring of bilingual employees a priority.

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