Talview’s New Interview Insights Aims to Tame Interview Challenges 

Interview Insights

Talview introduced Interview Insights, a solution for what it calls the biggest blind spot in the hiring process – the job interview.

Interview Insights uses AI to coach interviewers and bring organizations specific, explainable and actionable insights. According to Talview, that will allow employers to make interventions that enable them to meet their key talent goals.

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“The interview is used in every hiring process, yet it has remained a blind spot,” said Chief I/O Psychologist Dr. Fred Rafilson. “Like any other assessment, the more objective the information gathered, the better it will predict job success.”

Influencing Interviewers 

Most interviewers receive little to no training, Talview said, and there is no mechanism to review their techniques or performance. That can result in talent goals not being met. The skill of an interviewer could mean the difference between hiring a good quality candidate and not identifying any candidates at all. The lack of ability to quality control interviews can lead to an increased risk of bad hires and the loss of qualified candidates. Moreover, poor interviewers who conduct biased or unfair interviews can adversely impact a company’s DEI efforts.

Interview Insights monitors for DEI regulatory compliance and unconscious bias in conversations, Talview said It determines whether the topics discussed and questions asked are relevant to the role. Along with providing interview summaries, time stamps for both the transcript and recording and search capabilities, the product provides constructive feedback and comparisons for interviewer performance to others within the organization.

“Our goal was building a framework for interviews that would scale; analyzing the conversations, structure, content, compliance, fairness and experience, while also delivering continuous coaching for interviewers,” said Talview CEO Sanjoe Jose. He believes the introduction of Interview Insights will aid companies in making better hiring decisions, improving DEI and enhancing their overall candidate experience.

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