Trakstar Consolidates Products Onto Single Platform


Trakstar is consolidating its portfolio of tools and applications onto its flagship Trakstar Platform. The company said the move is in response to employers’ evolving talent needs.

Trakstar Hire (formerly Recruiterbox), Trakstar Learn (formerly Mindflash) and Trakstar Perform (previously just Trakstar) have all been integrated onto a new Platform. By consolidating its tools, Trakstar believes it can offer users a more cohesive and streamlined experience. In addition, the company said recent investments in cloud computing and analytics will allow customers to leverage performance data and take advantage of more detailed insights.

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Offering a single suite solution also allows for streamlined data collection, analysis and visualization, Trakstar said 

Transforming Data with Smart Bundling

While existing customers will still be able to access Trakstar’s modular solutions, the company expects most customers will prefer using either its unified suite r some combination of its point solutions. Because the previously modular solutions will offer seamless connectivity, they can provide better “articulation capabilities” and visualization, Trakstar said. It believes that will serve its customers well. “Companies will need data and technology to meet these evolving challenges,” said Trakstar CEO Julie Rieken..  

Simplifying Integrations  

On top of the consolidation, Trakstar’s platform offers simple API-based integrations with major HR systems as well as benefits and payroll solutions. Customers also can also bolt-on third-party solutions.

The changes come at an opportune time: As Covid-19 wanes, organizations are rethinking their approach to talent management, work and productivity. At the same time, 52% of U.S. employees now work in remote and hybrid structures, making an employer’s talent management strategy a crucial differentiator. In addition, employee sentiment suggests higher attrition in 2021, which is underscored by demand for employee performance and feedback software, a segment expected to grow by 15% annually through 2026.        

Image: Trakstar

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