Tech Vendors Speed Health-Check Apps to Market

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Technology companies inside and outside of HR are launching products designed to check the health of on-site employees as they begin to return from weeks or months of shelter-in-place orders.

WorkJam, safety and risk management solutions provider Aclaimant and service management firm SysAid all released tools that provide documentation and tracking of COVID-19 cases. WorkJam and SysAid’s tools require self-reporting from workers.

Tech companies inside and outside of #HR are launching products designed to check the health of employees as they begin to return to work. #HRTech #COVID-19 Share on X

WorkJam’s tool prompts front-line managers and employees to complete a recurring mandatory health-check through their mobile device. If they don’t complete the check, they’re not able to clock in for their shift.

The survey includes questions meant to confirm each worker’s health, and triggers notifications to managers based on each employee’s answers. The app also enables real-time documentation and validation, thus reducing legal liability for the business.

WorkJam said the tool can be used for cases outside of the pandemic in order to verify a worker’s health. 

Range of Health-Check Apps

Among the other efforts underway:

  • SysAid’s app requires employees to self-report their location and health status each day, and locks the accounts of those who don’t complete the provided form. It also notifies managers about possible virus exposures, and provides reports on workforce health by location.
  • Aclaimant’s COVID-19 Response Module focuses on documenting cases and offers content to guide preventative best practices. Its incident reports facilitate documentation and contact tracing. Two templated checklists outline site inspections, and an analytics dashboard helps managers visualize trends.
  • Automation provider NetObjex will soon launch COVID PreCheck. The app takes a different tack from others, allowing employers to identify workers at less risk for developing the virus, and so might be able to safely interact with co-workers or the public. Users are directed to locations to receive antibody tests, and results are reported straight to the app. NetObjex is modeling its approach on the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck service.

Exactly how such tools will be greeted by employees remains to be seen. And PwC recently reported, 50% of workers say they’ll stay away from their workplace because they fear the virus. Some 24% percent won’t use public transportation for their commute.

“[It’s] clear that workers are very worried about being able to stay healthy and safe as they are asked to return to their offices and worksites,” said Tim Ryan, PwC’s U.S. Chair and senior partner.

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