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Turns out CFOs are an optimistic bunch. For instance: Salary.com says 90% of them think workers laid off because of COVID-19 will end up being put back on the payroll.  

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It’s hard to know what to make of that, given that 40 million Americans are out of work. But I’ve heard business leaders say that even struggling companies need employees if they’re going to operate. They point out that hiring may have slowed down—a lot—but it hasn’t completely stopped.

Another sign of CFOs on the bright side: 64% of them are “very confident” their company can provide a safe work environment. That’s from PwC. Nearly three-quarters plan to reconfigure their offices for physical distancing. And more than half may change their scheduling to minimize the chance of spread.

This is all fine, but one big question is what do employees think? Turns out they’re not so optimistic. PwC said half of them would stay away from the office, or factory, or whatever, because they’re afraid of catching COVID-19. Nearly 25% say that won’t use public transportation to commute.

Bear in mind, many state governments say they’ll take away unemployment benefits from anyone who decides not to go back to work—whatever their reason, safety or not. And some business people—not necessarily smart ones—have suggested that it doesn’t really matter what employees think because, again, there’s 40 million people out of work.

So, this is interesting: Nearly two-thirds of HR executives are thinking more about the employee experience now than they were before the pandemic. That’s from Gartner. Basically, they recognize that the return to work isn’t just about operations—it’s about human beings and how they think.

It’s a good point of view to have. Because how companies handle reopening, is going to have an awful lot to do with how people look on their employer brand.

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This edition was brought to you by Ultimate Software, a leading innovator in HR technology. Learn more at www.ultimatesoftware.com

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