Virtual Campus Recruiting Steps Into Spotlight

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Providers of virtual recruiting technology have seen a dramatic increase in customer interest over the last few weeks as employers shift their talent acquisition efforts online. One of them, San Francisco-based Turazo, said it’s receiving more inquiries and conversations have begun moving more quickly since shelter-in-place directives began appearing in March.

Turazo’s campus-recruiting platform is receiving more calls from employers struggling to connect with new talent even as college campuses shut down, said CEO Peter Cipollone. “They have no way to really match well and have a good, engaged conversation with those types of prospects,” he said.

In general, the digital recruiting-events space has gotten busy in the last few weeks. Last week alone, Paradox and announced products designed to connect organizations with candidates they normally would have met in person.

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Paradox’s Virtual Hiring Events helps employers create a virtual event and engage with people directly through a chat-based interface. Eightfold’s Virtual Event Recruiting invites candidates to events, suggests appropriate positions and schedules conversations with recruiters.

Founded in 2015, Turazo designed a platform to make campus recruiting more efficient and cost-effective. In-person events are inefficient, Cipollone said, requiring organizations to send recruiters to specific sites, where they vie with competitors and students’ schedules for attention.

When COVID-19 pandemic appeared, Turazo’s approach became attractive not only as a better approach to recruiting from campus, but as a plausible way to recruit even when campuses were closed.  “This is what we enable,” Cipollone said. “Suddenly, conversations that were proceeding at a normal pace are getting significantly accelerated.”

Reaching Out to Campus

Because of the pandemic, Cipollone believes recruiting’s undergoing a structural change, especially at the early talent stage. “So much of the early interaction involves companies sending people out to campuses to actually physically interact with students,” he observed. “Whenever this is over, I think it’s going to be done in a completely different way.”

Employers had already viewed campus recruiting as being less-than-efficient for a number of reasons, he said. The biggest was that often, the students a company hoped to connect with were already busy studying for exams, attending practice, “or who knows what it is.” Remote recruiting technology allows them to streamline the process of connecting people, especially for initial conversations.

Ethan Garr, Turazo’s head of communications, believes the pandemic will “prove out” digital recruiting technologies. “People will come to rely on them and they’ll see the value,” he said. “There’s no reason to turn them off after the crisis is over if they’re working and they’re proving to be a better solution.”

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