Visier Integrates TrustSphere Data to Add D&I Analytics Capabilities

Visier TrustSphere

Visier announced a data integration with TrustSphere, which provides relationship analytics and organizational network analysis. Through the integration, users will be able to review ONA metrics and wider workforce data side-by-side.

The integration will facilitate better decision making by Visier customers, the company said. Previously, relationship network data is hard to come by, even though it can provide the context necessary to identify hidden talent and key influencers. As Visier Vice President of People Solutions Ian Cook said, ONA helps companies avoid overlooking people who deserve to be recognized.

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TrustSphere’s technology measures how employees build and maintain their networks, explained CEO Manish Goel. That, in turn, helps employers select high-potential employees for leadership development and develop more effective succession plans.  

Combining ONA with people analytics also helps organizations measure the effectiveness of their diversity and inclusion initiatives, the companies said. ONA can show D&I leaders whether both employees and managers are developing networks that nurture inclusion and help diverse workers to reach their full potential. The data can show how relationships influence hiring, promotions and retention rates, and help companies encourage internal networks that support equal opportunities.

Visier Measures D&I

This is the second time in a month that Visier has introduced capabilities intended to aid companies in their D&I efforts. In May, it launched Visier People to help diversity leaders incorporate analytics into their work. The product helps organizations identify opportunities and risks to help them develop their D&I strategies.  

Visier notes that organizational network analysis isn’t new. For more than 30 years, it’s been used to examine the strength, frequency and types of interactions between networked individuals as a way to measure patterns of collaboration.

Sound complicated? It is, to the point where many organizational development specialists thought ONA’s use would be limited to the use of “the most expert of data scientists.”

However, advances in technology have allowed developers to create tools that glean insights from the data generated in the course of daily interactions within the workforce. That means it looks at data from tools such as calendars, email and instant messaging platforms to identify a company’s influencers and their critical relationships, then create visualizations of their networks and score their influence within it.

TrustSphere recently announced a partnership with the Science of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, a non-profit that focuses on turning research into D&I practice. Under the agreement, SODI-affliated companies will be able to use TrustSphere’s platform to measure the effectiveness of their inclusion efforts.

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