Workday Unveils AI Capabilities To Enhance Efficiency

Workday Unveils AI Capabilities To Enhance Efficiency

Workday announced the release of a series of AI and ML capabilities for its product suite. The new additions are designed to help businesses “drive productivity, streamline business processes, empower their people and make better decisions.”

In addition, the company unveiled the new Workday AI Marketplace which claims to help its customers find and deploy certified AI and ML partner solutions. The company said all apps will be required to go through a certification process to ensure they are aligned with Workday’s AI principles and values, such as a commitment to responsible AI, before being added to the marketplace.

According to Workday, the timeline for the rollout of these new features will be within the next six to 12 months.

AI-Powered HR Activities

The new generative AI features will help HR teams to:

  • Generating job descriptions: efficiently generate targeted job descriptions. By utilizing existing information stored in Workday, such as required skills and job location, this tool helps in crafting precise and effective job descriptions in less time.
  • Creating personalized content: draft tailored articles to keep employees informed about company updates and policies.
  • Formulate employee growth plans: quickly create a summary of employees’ strengths and areas for growth, with the ultimate goal of contributing to improved talent retention.

Workday also previewed capabilities it is exploring at the intersection of conversational UI and generative AI to enhance users’ ability to interact with information and tasks in a natural way, taking advantage of the unique capabilities generative AI offers such as summarization, search, and maintaining context.

“Generative AI has the potential to completely transform work as we know it,” said Workday co-president Sayan Chakraborty. “When applied responsibly, it has the power to elevate performance and to free up time to focus on the valuable work we really want and need to be doing.”

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