WTW Unveils New Engagement Platform

WTW Engage

WTW launched Engage, a platform that allows companies to better understand their employees’ needs, enhance the employee experience, understand distinctions between workforce segments and, it’s hoped, develop more useful HR programs and work experiences.

“Companies are undergoing broad cultural changes, which have raised expectations for employers to understand and support a broader range of human experience and wellbeing,” said Adam Zuckerman, WTW’s global product leader for Engage. “Our new employee engagement platform allows employers to focus on value, delivering insights that make employee voices louder, clearer and more actionable….”

WTW launched Engage, an engagement platform that helps companies better understand their workforce's needs and enhance their employee experience. #HR #HRtech Share on X

Currently used by more than 500 organizations, Engage is meant to individually address the overall employee experience. The platform is outfitted with a library of survey modules and templates on workforce topics that include health, financial wellbeing, retirement, benefits, rewards, wellbeing, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), hybrid work, environmental, social and governance (ESG) and climate, M&A, career development, organizational culture and engagement.

In addition, Engage will allow employers to delve into employee opinion data, manage analytics and understand underlying sentiment. The platform is supported by data supplied by organizational psychologists with the technology and a normative benchmark database to encourage action while providing managers with “stories” detailing their teams’ experiences at work. In addition, artificial intelligence generates suggestions of quick actions managers can take. WTW said the platform is designed to be the crux of efforts to build a strong employee experience and engage workers.

WTW also said that Engage clients experience 83% average response rates and see marked improvement in employee experience scores and financial performance.

Earlier this month, WTW released WorkVue, an AI-driven product designed to help organizations “reinvent jobs” to keep up with business changes. Based on the company’s Reinventing Jobs methodology, WorkVue allows companies to deconstruct jobs, evaluate work alternatives and reconfigure tasks into new roles.

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