Roundup: Google Analytics 4 Readiness, Updates to Workhuman Program

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Google Analytics 4 is here, and in order to augment the flexibility of data measurements, Google launched Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and has also announced that it will discontinue the usage of Universal Analytics (UA), the version of Analytics that all RecWebs clients have been using, on July, 1st 2023. Is your company and/or website(s) ready for this rather big adjustment? launched a mobile app called NurseShifts, which will aid in healthcare staffing – a major issue since the pandemic. The app and marketplace are designed for on-demand staffing to help nurses find shifts faster. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

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Job Seeker Nation Report: 38% of workers would turn down a job offer if the company lacked diversity in its workforce or had no clear goals for improving diversity in hiring according to The Undercover Recruiter.

What makes great recruitment technology? A report from WaveTrackR provides insight into what four key elements make good technology great in the fast paced world of human resources and recruiting.

The pursuit of workplace diversity leads to fake job interviews at Wells Fargo. It seems African American and female candidates are sometimes interviewed after the recipient of a job is already identified, current and former employees tell The New York Times.

Workhuman updated its Workhuman Certified program so that organizations can offer a way to distinguish themselves from the competition by becoming a human-centered workplace. The eight fundamental tenets of that being: purpose-driven work, appreciation, work-life harmony, a culture of belonging, opportunities for growth, fair pay, safety, environmental and social stewardship.

Employee burnout has been a significant motivator in ‘The Great Resignation,’ as nearly 60% report negative effects of workplace-related stress, and an article at Fast Company shares some thoughts on how to avoid this burnout. The first and foremost being: to address toxic and overly demanding clients.

Last Week’s Top Stories

Crosschq Acquires TalentWall to Expand Talent Intelligence Cloud Platform

Crosschq acquired TalentWall, the creators of a recruiting analytics platform that’s designed to help talent acquisition teams hire more efficiently and collaboratively through the use of data.  Read more.

Mathison Secures $25 Million in Series A Funding for DEI Platform

DEI platform Mathison closed a $25 million round of Series A funding, led by F-Prime Capital with involvement from Bain Capital Ventures, SemperVirens, ANIMO Ventures, GTM Fund, Gaingels and JP Morgan. Read more.

Eightfold Unveils ‘Talent Upskilling’ to Help Employers Develop Worker Solutions

Eightfold AI launched an Eightfold Talent Upskilling solution. Building on the company’s Talent Intelligence Platform, Talent Upskilling helps organizations meet critical talent needs and develop their own network of employees, candidates and contingent workers. Read more.

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