ZipRecruiter, Worthi Launch Integration to Help Workers Jump

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ZipRecruiter and the online skills development tool Worthi by Citi agreed to an integration that will provide job seekers with the resources they need to secure their next opportunity.

Through Worthi’s website, job seekers will be able to understand and acquire the skills they need to transition into a new industry. The tool, which is free, provides insight into in-demand skills based on users’ locations. It then connects seekers with online learning opportunities to enhance their existing skills and help them develop new ones. Through the integration with ZipRecruiter, Worthi users can also see open roles that match their newly attained skills, including details such as job responsibilities and salaries.

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The integration is one of several that ZipRecruiter has developed to help job seekers with tools to help in their search. Recently the company announced a partnership with Facebook to allow seekers credentialed through one of the social network’s online courses to access a ZipRecruiter-powered website, with job openings specific to the skills acquired through Facebook’s programs.

Developed by Citi Ventures Studio, Worthi:

  • Provides insight into existing skills that can be applied to new roles, and offers recommendations for the skills needed to transition. It also shares salary information, demand, average educational experience and top companies hiring for comparable roles.
  • Allows users to compare current salaries with the market average, based on location and occupation.
  • Shows users the skills in most demand and the skills that could increase earning potential.
  • Connects users with online courses to help them acquire the skills they need to grow in their current role or transition into a new one.

“In its first iteration, Worthi’s goal has been to provide job seekers with accessible and affordable resources to develop their skills while also providing more transparency into the monetary worth of skills in today’s job market,” said Valla Vakili, managing director and head of Citi Ventures Studio. “By helping people understand the skills they have, acquire new skills they may need and connect them with open roles based on their skills, ZipRecruiter and Worthi hope to empower job seekers to achieve their career goals.”

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