Advos Launches Marketing Platform for HR Vendors


HRmarketer, which for years has provided a marketing and employee advocacy platform for the HR and recruiting industries, has rolled out advos, a redesigned and newly built version of its HRmarketer product.

Designed for companies selling products and services into the HR community, advos combines marketing planning, collaboration, advocacy, business intelligence and social marketing tools into a single platform. It’s meant to help vendors discover and quickly act on marketing opportunities, as well as industry and competitive data.

.@HRmarketer, which for years provided a marketing platform for the HR and recruiting industries, has rolled out advos, a completely redesigned, newly built version of its product. #HR #HRTech #HRTribe Click To Tweet

Meanwhile, HRmarketer itself is changing its name to reflect its product’s evolution. The company now operates as advos.

Like its predecessor, advos provides tools that a company’s brand advocates can use to share content with their personal networks. It also measures the effectiveness of each user’s content shares. However, said advos founder and President Mark Willaman, the new platform is mobile-friendly, offers an improved user experience and includes a number of new tools.

“This is an entirely different piece of software,” Willaman told the HCM Technology Report. “It allows you to use the same functions and tools as the old version, but there’s a whole bunch of other features in this product that the old one never had.”

Advos’s new features include:

  • An improved trending data algorithm that shows users which HR-related topics are trending each day. Users can filter trends by audience type including analysts, influencers, media, vendors or among their own topic and people lists.
  • Hashtag Reports covering more than 1,000 global HR conferences and Twitter chats. Users can view, download or search hashtag reports for new marketing intelligence that helps uncover new targets, better engage with influencers and analysts and see which events competitors are engaging with.
  • Slack integration lets users post and share any content or message directly from advos to Slack.

Data-Powered HR Marketing

In part, the decision to create a brand-new new platform was based on the growth of the original product’s feature set, Willaman said. The company has been adding tools since the original Advocacy launched in 2002 and was, he felt, “getting a little cluttered.”

Meanwhile, customers began requesting a tool they could use to invite team members to share content under the guidance of a single gatekeeper. They also wanted that gatekeeper to be able to track who was sharing content, each individual’s level of engagement and other areas.

Willaman sees advos developing increasingly sophisticated features over time. The company is getting regular feedback from early customers, he said, and the platform is getting “better and better” at processing data ahead of rolling out AI-driven tools. For example, Willaman sees building CRM integrations to help vendors learn more about where and how companies are engaging with them.

Finally, Willaman noted that advos was designed to be industry-agnostic. The company is negotiating with another firm for use in outside of HR.

Disclosure: advos is a sponsor of the HCM Technology Report

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