Alight Partners to Provide Data on Health-Impacting Environments

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Alight partnered with Socially Determined, which provides predictive metrics based on social determinants of health, in a move to expand its the personalized employee support it provides through the Alight Worklife platform and the Alight services ecosystem.

“Coupling the data from Socially Determined with Alight’s benefit administration, payroll, retiree and wealth data through the Alight Worklife platform will enable Alight’s clients to truly see and care for the whole person,” said Alight Chief Medical Officer Bipin Mistry.

The Department of Health and Human Services defines social determinants of health as conditions in the environments where people are live and work that affect a wide range of health, functioning and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.

Through the partnership, Alight hopes to create a clearer picture of individual employees and their wellbeing. That, in turn, will enable employers to predict unmet needs and improve relevance by prioritizing content, benefits and engagement tactics with the goal of educating, supporting and guiding employees.

Data for Improved Wellbeing

The social risk data will also help Alight users to:

  • Drive awareness, engagement and utilization of benefit programs through personalized targeting and outreach.
  • Improve wellbeing outcomes across the four pillars of wellbeing – mind, body, wallet and life – for employees by identifying and helping remove barriers to accessing needed care and resources.
  • Inform potential market- and/or population-specific unmet needs through insights gleaned via Alight Worklife.
  • Help employers mitigate rising healthcare costs by ensuring community-level SDOH risk exposure and employee-specific risk factors are considered when developing their engagement and intervention strategies.

“We feel our complementary missions and data sets naturally established a shared vision between our organizations to improve engagement and outcomes for employees,” said Socially Determined CEO Trenor Williams.

Last month, Alight added new capabilities to its LeavePro software to help employers better manage and track employee leaves of absence. The new features automate key processes included in client onboarding, which the company hopes will speed up and simplify its implementation experience.

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