Roundup: ServiceNow Acquires ToolBox; Candidates Renege on Job Offers

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ServiceNow acquired ToolBox OH&S from Enable, a Fujitsu company based in Australia. ToolBox OH&S helps businesses minimize incidents and maintain compliance in order to create a global safe workplace culture. Key features include safety incident and hazard, contractor and injury claims management, designed to accelerate and scale existing health and safety solutions to enhance safety management practices and streamline incident prevention and response processes.

Nearly half of the candidates who initially accepted a job offer eventually backed out to work for another employer, according to a study by Gartner. The survey revealed that 47% of respondents remained open to alternative job offers even after recently starting a new job. On top of that, 42% believed they could find a better job if they continued looking.

Oyster launched its Talent Network, a partner-powered solution that aims to help businesses source remote candidates around the world. The product connects organizations with talent solutions and provides personalized support for their candidate search and hiring process. The network features 20 platforms including Facet, Hired, GoGloby, Niya and Torre.

HR risk and solutions provider VirgilHR unveiled a chat-based tool that helps employers properly distinguish between employees and independent contractors during onboarding. According to the company, the product offers prescriptive guidance to help employers easily classify workers and ensure compliance.

CoachHub introduced its Innovation Lab, a research initiative designed to “facilitate AI innovation in digital coaching.” The Innovation Lab will be collaborating with EMCC Global on research into AI, ethics and how digital coaching can contribute to enhancing human coaching practices. The company said the initiative will help customers by connecting their learning and development needs to science-backed coaching initiatives.

AI-powered workforce insights platform Erudit raised $10 million in a Series A round led. Erudit connects with companies’ internal data through Google Workspace, Slack, Teams or Zoom to provide real-time work environment reports that help companies understand which groups of employees are at risk to churn, are having a negative experience or experiencing harassment.

GliderAI released new AI skills-based recruiting software to the users of its Skill Intelligence Platform. The solution includes new AI features including chatbots, skills assessments, proctoring and interviews. made its AI Smart Interviewer available in the SAP Store. The integration will help SAP customers screen and assess talent with conversational NLP-based chat interviews, the company said.

Last Week’s Top News

Workday Unveils AI Capabilities To Enhance Efficiency

Workday announced the release of a series of AI and ML capabilities for its product suite. The new additions are designed to help businesses “drive productivity, streamline business processes, empower their people and make better decisions.” In addition, the company unveiled the new Workday AI Marketplace which claims to help its customers find and deploy certified AI and ML partner solutions. Read More.

Gen Z Needs Training to Overcome Anxiety in the Workplace

Ninety percent of Gen Z knowledge workers face social discomfort or anxiety in the workplace, according to a study from learning and engagement platform Kahoot. Indeed, the survey found that more than a third of Gen Z employees, 35%, must deal with social anxiety on a near-daily basis. Only 10% never experience it. Read More.

Indeed Study Sees AI ‘Augmenting,’ Not Replacing, Parts of Most Jobs

Pretty much all of the U.S. jobs posted on Indeed use skills that can be addressed or augmented by generative AI. However, the job site said only about 20% of its jobs can be considered “highly exposed” to generative AI. That, said the company’s AI at Work Report indicates that while advanced technology can learn to do tasks within a specific job, generative AI is unlikely to fully replace many jobs. Read More.

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