Altimetrik Releases DEX App for Employee Engagement

Altimetrik Releases DEX App for Employee Engagement

Altimetrik, a global digital business and transformation company, launched its employee engagement app Altimetrik DEX. According to the company, the mobile app was built to drive engagement through usage-based personalization, AI, and gamification in an effort to better connect with its over 5,500 employees covering four continents.

DEX was developed to improve employee retention rates, drive performance and productivity and generate ideas that help sustain growth, the company said.

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Employees have needed to re-evaluate their needs in a workplace, especially amidst the impending economic downturn. As a result, global employee engagement and well-being have been lagging, and worker stress is at an all-time high, according to Gallup. Altimetrik believes that organizations must work to engage and nurture their workers as well as future talent that are integral to the companies’ success.

“COVID has only created more obstacles to engagement, and companies that choose to ignore the realities of employee stress and their difficulties in maintaining well-being will be left behind,” says Altimetrik CEO Raj Sundaresan. “We built DEX to address these concerns.”

Aiding Performance and Engagement

Altimetrik DEX’s candidate engagement capabilities cover talent attraction, acquisition and reception with corporate branding and awareness to enable hiring and onboarding. The app covers the employee lifecycle with scenario-based services and offers workflows, curated content and notifications that create connections.

According to Altimetrik, DEX will help employees to connect through the app’s real-time updates and engagements. It also includes opportunity mapping, goal setting, performance assessment and recommendations to guide employees in their work. Similarly, the app has learning paths and practitioner certifications for employee growth and engagement. Employee services and day-to-day activities can also be accessed through the app as well, the company said.

The DEX application is free and available to all current and future employees of the company. Moving forward, Altimetrik plans to white label the offering to its customers for use in their own organizations.

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