UKG Launches FleX; Expands Collaboration with Microsoft

UKG Launches FleX; Expands Collaboration with Microsoft

UKG announced the debut of its technology platform, FleX by UKG. The company said, FleX will help organizations evolve alongside the needs of their people, connecting the business with emerging applications to meet people where they want to work — whether within UKG or other systems of communication and engagement.

FleX has three components, including FleX Fabric which is people-centric and behavior-focused AI which is driven by UKG’s HCM and workforce management datasets. According to the company, this solution will help create more opportunities for people to get real-time insights, recommendations, reminders and nudges.

@UKGInc announced the debut of FleX by UKG, which they believe will help organizations evolve alongside the needs of their people. #HR Share on X

UKG’s other systems also benefit from the introduction of FleX Fabric, especially its career designer and payroll which can both utilize the AI. Fabric can help provide individualized suggestions for relevant learning opportunities for growth and development in the existing career designer, and proactively identify payroll issues and errors for the company’s payroll system.

Engaging with Microsoft

The company also announced it will embed UKG solutions into popular systems of engagement and communication, beginning with Microsoft Teams. UKG believes this initiative will help reduce the regular disruption that can happen at work when switching between multiple applications. With this, the company’s goal is to allow employees to focus on completing tasks within the solution they prefer.

The vision to embed UKG into systems of engagement will help eliminate the need to learn and navigate multiple applications and aid employees in their work flow, UKG Chief Product and Technology Officer Hugo Sarrazin further commented.

UKG also collaborated with Microsoft to develop an interface for UKG Dimensions and Shifts, the schedule management application within Teams. Microsoft Teams and Platform Vice President Nicole Herskowitz said, “The UKG Dimensions integration with the Shifts app in Microsoft Teams helps the workforce simplify scheduling and time management, all on one single, secure pane of glass.”

UKG has a history of collaborating with Microsoft in the past with the goal of helping employees get more work done. Most notably, the companies created a workforce management chatbot in 2018 with further expansions in 2021.

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