Beamery Launches Event Management, Executive Search Modules

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Beamery will soon release the latest version of its “Talent Operating System,” including new modules to help employers manage events and executive searches. The company said both solutions are “built on a foundation of automation and data-enrichment.”

Beamery believes that talent acquisition is hampered by inefficiencies caused by the siloed systems running recruiting events and executive search. “The resulting pain for recruiters and risk to candidate experience is why Beamery Events and Beamery Executive Search have been the two most requested modules by our customers,” said company President Sultan Saidov.

Beamery will soon release the latest version of its “Talent Operating System,” including modules to help employers manage events and executive searches. @BeameryHQ #HR #HRTech Share on X

The modules, he continued, use Beamery’s proprietary enrichment and automation technology to create a “seamless, time-saving experience for recruiters.”

Beamery Event Management

Beamery’s Events module will allow companies to execute events strategies with end-to-end workflows that include campus, meetup, webinar, hackathon, diversity military, and alumni recruiting. The single platform offers tailored event templates and can generate a prioritized list of potential guests by searching for the right talent signals across available prospect and candidate data.

Event organizers can streamline logistics using an event workspace that will improve collaboration and reporting, while communication can be fully automated and personalized. Candidates signing up can be automatically assigned to relevant recruiters, talent pools and workflows based on their goals and the relevance of their skills and experience to a company’s recruiting objectives. Follow-up campaigns can be triggered and personalized based on the status of different attendees, the company said.

Executive Search

Beamery claims its Executive Search module is the first enterprise CRM designed for in-house executive search teams. Its functionality has been developed around workflows that involve confidential candidates such as planning search criteria and target companies, mapping out relationships between candidates and people they’ve previously worked or interacted with, reporting on pipeline activities and controlling confidentiality.

In addition, a new “related profile” feature helps recruiters map out all relevant candidate relationships and leverage connections so they can engage with greater context.

Beamery launched its Talent Operating System in September. The technology matches data from legacy systems with information from external sources to create more detailed profiles and improve search-targeting. At the time, Beamery stressed how they TOS would allow enterprises to manage recruiting and hiring from one place by centralizing candidate data, applications and talent operations, provideing recruiters with improved tools and candidates with a “seamless” experience.

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