Benefits Platform BerniePortal Steps Toward Fuller HR Suite


Benefits platform provider BerniePortal released an ATS package, BerniePortal Jobs. The move points toward the company’s intent to offer a more complete suite of HR products—one that goes beyond benefits management and insurance.

HiringTargeted at small and medium-size businesses, BernieJobs is designed to help employers attract candidates, manage applicants, make offers and onboard new hires, the company said. While it offers “a wide range of capabilities,” the company said the portal’s basic functions job-post creation, job-post sharing, collaborative candidate review, applicant communication and job-offering tools.

In announcing the ATS, BerniePortal pointed out that today’s labor shortage is pressuring employers to streamline their hiring processes. That “saves time and money for small and mid-sized employers while allowing them to become more competitive recruiters,” said CEO and co-founder Alex Tolbert.

BerniePortal was originally intended to help SMBs with transactional HR tasks, and also integrated the services of health insurance brokers. In addition to the new ATS, Its tools support onboarding, PTO tracking, time and attendance, compliance, benefits administration, 1095-C reporting and COBRA administration.

What’s interesting here is that BerniePortal has chosen to add a fundamental HCM technology tool that’s about recruiting and hiring as opposed to core HR transactions. It looks to be a modest but definitive step toward expanding the product’s capabilities toward those of a full-blown, all-in-one HR tech solution.

Given the importance of insurance to most SMB’s, BerniePortal already has a reputation as a solution in areas that concern small business. For existing customers and prospects, the addition of BernieJobs eliminates the need to hunt down and implement a separate ATS. Some might argue that’s simply a convenience, but such conveniences are huge to the people responsible for an SMB’s HR.

BernieJobs’s introduction also shows the company is well aware of the increasing interest of SMBs in HR technology. That gives it an advantage over better known providers who are quietly expanding their markets into the smaller business space from their usual position of serving large employers. BerniePortal’s already focused on the SMB market and has 10 years of experience in the space. We suspect their sales conversations will have a more natural flavor to them for SMBs, especially when compared to pitches from companies who prefer to work with headcounts in the thousands.

Image: Tumisu / Pixabay

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