Betterworks Focuses New Features on User Experience

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Betterworks, which provides continuous performance management solutions for enterprise companies, launched new features with an eye toward improving its usability and social tools.

Betterworks CEO Doug Dennerline said the enhancements are intended to increase adoption by offering employees a more engaging experience. “The biggest deciding factor for organizations choosing a talent management technology is user experience,” he said. “So when a business wants the benefits of a continuous process an intuitive, seamless and social UX is critical.”

Among the enhancements are a new product home page that provides employees and managers with a clear view of their next steps within the organization’s continuous performance process. Using a card-based interface, the page prioritizes activities such as goal-setting, conversations, feedback and recognition, then puts them in context for each employee and manager.

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Integrations for Seamless Experience

An integration with Slack lets employees update their progress, add comments and give recognition within the messaging app’s window. In addition, Betterworks announced extended integrations with HRIS systems including SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Ultimate Software, ADP, BambooHR and Oracle.

Other new features include a real-time activity stream that all updates relevant to the goals of individual users, including personal, departmental and cross-functional team goals as well as top company priorities. Betterworks said the activity stream took its “design cues” from

consumer social media to improve transparency and encourage adoption.

Also, Betterworks Confidential Questions allows HR to extend the questions asked of both managers and employees beyond those posed as part of the standard performance process. These customizable questions are designed to support processes including 9-box calibration recommendations, high-potential talent identification and talent stratification for compensation. HR can also ask questions to assess engagement and likelihood to recommend.

Betterworks said the new features are available to customers as part of their existing subscription package and can be activated upon request.

In August, Betterworks launched a “Team Edition” designed for individual teams and SMBs. The company described the product as “an economical, self-service package of selected performance management tools.” Up to 100 users can use Team Edition to set goals and track progress toward them.

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