Workday Adds Customization, Analytics and Credentialing Tools

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Workday introduced new applications at Workday Rising, including Workday People Experience, People Analytics and Credentials.

Driven by customer demand, the company said it’s “made significant and unique investments” to build solutions for a work world that includes “a multi-faceted workforce, new ways of working and a distributed workplace.”

“Today’s organizations need new ways to engage and inspire a fluid workforce that brings its consumer technology expectations to the workplace,” said David Somers, Workday’s vice president and general manager of talent optimization. In response, the company is “infusing new technologies such as machine learning, blockchain and advanced analytics into every inch of our solutions.”

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Improved Experience  

Contending that the days of “static portals” have come and gone, Workday set out to help employees feel more informed and supported through a more personalized experience. The company’s People Experience module uses machine learning to create unique experiences for every user, presenting information on career development and answers to HR and payroll questions through Workday’s digital assistant. It also creates and manages HR cases for more complex requests, and connects to third-party sources or applications.

Workday Herds Skills

Workday said skills have become an important data source for managing the employee lifecycle. Using its Skills Graph, which maps the relationships between more than 200,000 skills, the company built a skills cloud to connect people with appropriate jobs and opportunities.

With all that as a foundation, Workday launched Skills insights, a new feature for Workday HCM that helps HR managers determine what skills are available and what gaps exist within their organization. So, for example, an HR business partner could quickly identify employees who have the skills needed to support a new service offering.

Meanwhile, the new Talent Marketplace platform helps employers find and borrow talent, and also allows workers to identify growth opportunities based on skills-matching for projects, gigs and other opportunities. In this case, a worker with certain skills could be notified of the chance to work on a six-month product launch in another department. Workday said Talent Marketplace will support internal gigs at launch. It plans incorporate internal job transfers and connect to external talent communities at some point in the future.

New Analytics, of Course

Another new application, Workday People Analytics, uses augmented analytics to give business leaders a view into trends within their organization, as well as information on what may be causing those trends in the first place.

Discovery Boards, a drag-and-drop data discovery capability originally available as part of Workday Prism Analytics, will now be included in the Workday HCM subscription. Discovery Boards make it easier for users to visualize data on people and financials, detect patterns and discover insights, the company said.

Added Automation

Workday also showed off several new tools designed to automate manual processes across HR. Leading this particular charge are Workday Credentials and WayTo by Workday, both blockchain-powered credentialing technologies. Beta versions were launched this week.

More specifically, Workday Credentials helps issue, manage and verify credentials for all types of workers including employees, contractors, students and partners. WayTo by Workday is a mobile app that gives individuals a better way to store, manage and share their credentials.

Finally, Workday unveiled a new workforce planning capability for customers using Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud and Workday HCM. Called Plan to Execute, the company said the feature is a key step toward unifying Adaptive Insights with Workday. Once headcount budgets are approved, the system will automatically create new positions within Workday to enable a smoother transition from planning to execution, the company said.

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