Bullhorn Announces Workplace Management Product for Staffing Firms

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Bullhorn introduced new tools to help staffing firms manage their workforce from registration through placement and payment. The product’s offered as a unified, mobile-first solution.

Bullhorn said staffing firms regularly struggle to work across multiple, disconnected systems that require multiple manual steps and often result in low workforce engagement. The new product, Bullhorn Unified Workforce Management, aims to provide all the capabilities a staffing firm needs to manage the candidate lifecycle, from registration to placement and scheduling to payment.

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In January, Bullhorn acquired staffing automation solutions provider Herefish. At the time, the company said adding Herefish would allow it to offer customers additional options to streamline their processes. Herefish’s solutions automate manual processes and messaging chores.

Expanding Staffing Firms’ Toolkit

Founded in 2014, Herefish was a Bullhorn Marketplace partner for several years. Its solutions address areas such as candidate rediscovery, contractor outreach, automating talent and client engagement, and tracking candidate and client activity to trigger communications.

“Over the last couple years, we have made lots of progress advancing the Bullhorn platform, and over that time we’ve also added key capabilities through several strategic investments, all of which has enabled us to deliver on the vision for Unified Workforce Management,” said Bullhorn President and CTO Matt Fischer. “We’re excited to deliver a solution that leverages the power of the Bullhorn platform to deliver a mobile-first candidate engagement experience, with capabilities including availability and shift scheduling.”

Bullhorn said Unified Workforce Management will offer benefits such as: 

  • Faster time-to-fill, because of improved search and streamlined workflows.
  • Increased redeployment rates through mobile communications that better engages workers.
  • Effective compliance by ensuring that necessary documents are completed and up-to-date, with advanced credentialing and automatic reminders.
  • A more engaged workforce is encouraged by a “frictionless” candidate experience that’s SMS-based and agency-branded.
  • Scaling without adding headcount is possible through the automation of many manual tasks.

While some of the product’s capabilities are already available through Bullhorn, the overall system will be released in North America and the United Kingdom over the course of 2021. The company said multiple releases will be staged, starting with pre-assignment capabilities.

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