Crosschq Unveils Integrated Insights and Listening Solutions

Workforce Data

Crosschq expanded its Crosschq Insights and Crosschq Voice products along with a new brand identity. The company said combining the extended solutions will provide a single operating platform to manage all aspects of hiring intelligence.

Crosschq Insights

Crosschq Insights is built specifically for data-driven talent teams, with a range of customizable reports that include benchmarking and shareability. Crosschq’s Quality of Hire Analytics product connects an organization’s pre-hire data with business outcomes, providing on-demand access to detailed Quality of Hire metrics. The company said the product can help organizations better understand variables such as the ROI of hiring sources, which departments and hiring managers are making the best hires, and how to match the skills and competencies of top performers with new candidates.

Also included is TalentWall, which Crosschq acquired last year and has since been integrated into its product suite. Its capabilities provide immediate visibility into an employer’s hiring metrics as well as KPIs around topics such as DEI, time to hire and cost per hire.

“End-to-end hiring intelligence is liquid gold for talent acquisition teams,” said William Tincup, president and editor-at-large of RecruitingDaily, in a statement provided by Crosschq. “When I say that, I’m thinking from source of hire to the onboarding experience and everything in between.”

Crosschq Voice

Meanwhile, Crosschq Voice offers advanced feedback to help employers gather human insights at every stage of the hiring process. Its AI-driven surveys are optimized for mobile as well as other communication channels, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Candidate experience surveys allow recruiters to keep track of candidate sentiment, listening at throughout the hiring process. Moving down the funnel, the Crosschq 360 reference-checking solution gives users access to human feedback about candidates to support competency and skills matching.

Crosschq said Insights and Crosschq Voice are available to current customers, as well as through the company’s API integrations.

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