Beamery Enhances Platform to Improve Collaboration, Efficiency

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Beamery added new features to its product suite designed to allow recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers to more effectively collaborate through a single system and streamline decision making around hiring. The company said its new Hiring Manager Experiences provide employers with an efficient and collaborative process throughout the life of a vacancy.

The new capabilities allow managers to continuously consider what they need, refine job descriptions, design jobs based on skills and better decide whether to develop, redeploy or hire new employees. The company said these capabilities allow employers to reduce time-to-fill and improve quality of hire.

“With these new capabilities, we are enabling our customers to finally create better collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters,” said Sultan Saidov, Beamery’s president and co-founder. The product also provides “bias-audited AI insights,” he said, “to make more agile talent decisions on job design, upskilling and workforce planning, and ensure that every new role brings the right skills into the organization.”

Among the new features:

  • Predictive Hiring Insights reduces back and forth and offers visibility into the status of open vacancies, along with automatic progress notifications for hiring managers
  • AI Talent Match allows hiring managers to take advantage of Beamery’s AI. Suggestions from Beamery’s talent database provide insights on what candidates are available and helps create alignment with recruiters on a role’s requirements.  
  • Smart Profiles save time deciphering different resume formats and inconsistent skills and proficiencies with snapshots of candidate profiles. This, Beamery said, simplifies the review of candidates and create a more standardized approach to ensure fair and equal consideration of talent.
  • Assisted Candidates Shortlist reviews selected candidates before moving them into the interview process, allowing hiring managers to give timely feedback to recalibrate searches.
  • Skills-centric Vacancies and Job Calibration gives hiring managers direct control over their vacancies, and allows them to refine the most needed skills alongside seniority, location and other factors. 
  • HRIS Integrations provide recruiters and hiring managers with additional data in the Beamery CRM. These are designed to help users better understand what talent they have available both inside and outside the organization. It also allows them to more easily consider employees and alumni.  
  • Career Pursuits & Navigation makes it easier for employees to understand what motivates them, with experiences powered by TalentGPT. It also helps.

In April, Beamery launched new chatbot and messaging tools to help employers personalize their candidate experience. The chatbot automates efforts like screening, interview scheduling and candidate engagement, helping global talent teams reduce time to hire “from weeks to days,” the company said.

Image: Beamery

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