Qualtrics Adds Features to Pulse Employee Listening Tool

Qualtrics Pulse

Qualtrics added capabilities to Qualtrics Pulse, its solution for frequent employee listening. The new features allow Pulse to automatically analyze and distribute employee feedback to leaders and managers so they can take more timely action, the company said. Qualtrics said the features free executives from having to rely on HR teams to manually share Pulse results.

According to Qualtrics research, 87% of HR leaders believe their organizations should be more nimble. Indeed, 82% of them believe their organizations should listen to employees more frequently.  

“Senior leaders face challenging economic headwinds and fewer resources, and they have to navigate difficult organizational changes and rely more heavily on frontline managers to keep their teams focused, supported and productive,” said Qualtrics Head of Employee Experience Product Management Wojtek Kubik. “The new capabilities in Pulse empower leaders and managers to more quickly and efficiently improve employees’ experiences at work and retain top talent.”

Increasing Process Efficiency    

Qualtrics said Pulse will help simplify how HR administrators set up automated pulse programs, helping them customize how often they ask for feedback from different groups of employees. The new capabilities will enable HR administrators to automatically share employee feedback from specific teams to their respective leaders and managers through unique dashboards. That, giving them quicker access to insights they need to take more frequent, proactive action approach, the company said, will help leaders and managers automatically get a faster, better understanding of how their teams think and feel about their day-to-day experiences and how larger organizational changes impact key drivers of engagement.

For example, an organization asking employees to return to the office can set up a weekly Pulse to understand employees sentiment and identify opportunities to ease the transition back. HR can then more quickly distribute summaries of topical feedback to senior leaders, who can take real-time action to support the transition.

Leveraging Employee Sentiment  

It’s generally accepted that engaged employees lead to more satisfied customers and better business outcomes. For many businesses, Qualtrics said, customer feedback data is available daily, while employee experience data is gathered through surveys that are only collected on an annual or quarterly basis. The company contends that more frequent feedback allows organizations to more closely mimic the pace of their customer experience data, and enables them to connect employee engagement to customer experience and business results. 

The new capabilities are available now for senior and HR leaders, and coming for managers in late 2023.

In December, Qualtrics launched Manager Assist, designed to help managers listen, understand and act on feedback from their teams in real time. The product brings together the components managers need to increase productivity and engagement, and reduce attrition, Qualtrics said.  

Image: Qualtrics

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