Culture Amp Distributes Free D&I Starter Kit


Culture Amp began globally distributing a Diversity & Inclusion Starter Kit. Available at no charge, the kit’s designed to help employers develop an inclusive workplace and had been announced earlier this year.

The company describes the kit as a collection of tools that will help companies through the process of building their D&I program. It includes a survey, on-demand lessons and reporting tools meant to help uncover diversity-related insights. It also offers advice for decision-makers on how to design and build their programs.

Not coincidentally, Culture Amp released its second Workplace Diversity, Inclusion & Intersectionality Report. The report is based on data from more than 34,000 respondents world-wide, including 22,000 in the U.S., and explores diversity by generation, employee experience by demographics, and the importance of “intersectionality.”

Among other things, the report found that men continue to dominate business decision-making. Despite all the talk about diversity coming from the C-suite, Culture Amp said the employee experience is still shaped by straight white men who “continue to have more impact in decision-making, share of voice, and advancement opportunities in business by a staggering margin.”

In addition:

  • Only 44 percent of black women and 43 percent of latinx women feel included in their companies’ decision-making process. That’s compared to 69 percent of white men.
  • Sixty percent of black and latinx women feel safe about voicing their opinion.
  • Just 54 percent of black women believe they have an equal opportunity to succeed.

However, the report also indicated that wide-ranging demographic shifts are beginning to influence the workforce. Gen Z, for example, is entering the workforce with “a massive influx of diversity.” Also, for every roughly a third more straight white men are leaving the leaving the workforce than are joining it, and more latinx women are entering the workforce than straight white men.

Intersectionality’s Impact

The report also spotlighted the notion of intersectionality, which considers different “systems” of discrimination and how they overlap and compound themselves. The report suggested organizations should be more aware of intersectionality as they prepare for the future.

Culture Amp’s not the only HCM technology vendor offering free social-impact tools to employe. In April, Ultimate Software unveiled UltiPro Giving, a module that helps employers set up and manage charitable campaigns and facilitates worker donations. Available at no charge, Giving includes tools for administration and payroll processing, so contributions can be withheld from pay checks and reported on W-2s. 

Culture Amp serves around 2,500 customers and has compiled data from some 3 million employees. In July, the company launched Forecast Engine, a tool designed to predict performance and turnover risk. Foresight Engine uses personalized dashboards to deliver recommendations to decision-makers at all organizational levels. In September, it secured $82 million in Series E funding to accelerate expansion and product development efforts.

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