Culture Amp, Symphony Talent Launch Analytics Tools

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Culture Amp and Symphony Talent launched new analytics tools, one to help predict an employee’s future, the other to improve the tracking of recruitment campaigns.

At its annual Culture First global conference in San Francisco, Culture Amp announced a “prediction engine” designed to forecast employee performance and turnover risk. Called Foresight Engine, the product uses personalized dashboards to deliver recommendations to decision-makers at all organizational levels.

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An outgrowth of Culture Amp’s acquisition of performance-management company Zugata, Foresight Engine draws on data from across the entire employee experience. When the acquisition was announced in February, Culture Amp said Zugata’s tools would allow customers to connect people and culture information with performance and development data.

Foresight Engine enables managers “to predict employee outcomes related to engagement, performance and retention,” said Chief Product Officer Rod Hamilton. “It then equips them with the insights they need to take action to drive more successful outcomes.”

The tool uses an “outcome prediction algorithm” trained by analyzing insights from 165 million data points generated by some 2,300 companies and 3 million employees. The data set covers the complete employee lifecycle, Culture Amp said, from onboarding and engagement to well-being, diversity and inclusion, and performance reviews.

Culture Amp will embed Foresight Engine throughout its suite of predictive analytics, organizational network analysis and natural language processing tools. That will allow employers to uncover underlying links between engagement and performance, the company said. It will also provide leaders with more information to use in making make changes to their teams and how they’re managed. 

Symphony Adds to Full-Path Analytics

Meanwhile, Symphony Talent enhanced the full-path analytics tool built into its Experience Cloud platform. The tool’s new capabilities measure candidate-journey touchpoints that aren’t automatically tagged by programmatic tools. These include emails, employee referral information, billboards, events, print ads, radio ads and social posts.

The enhancement builds on Symphony’s ability to cover programmatic touchpoints such as paid ads, conversational messaging, organic search exposure and career-website experience. The new capability allows the Experience Cloud platform to provide a more holistic view of touchpoints by attributing the drivers and influencers that impact candidate engagement, Symphony said.

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