Qualtrics Adds ‘Guided’ Planning Tools to EmployeeXM

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Qualtrics launched a Guided Action Planning feature and five experience-management solutions for its Qualtrics EmployeeXM product. The new tools are meant to strengthen XM’s ability to capture feedback quickly and help managers close feedback loops by taking action on issues that concern employees most.

The customizable Guided Action Planning gives managers “best practice guidance” and recommends actions they should take to improve their team’s performance, Qualtrics said.

New @Qualtrics features are designed to give managers best practice guidance to help improve them team performance. #HR #HRTech #Experience Share on X

GAP works by analyzing a team’s feedback and surfaces what should be the manager’s top focus area. For example, the manager may need to begin empowering team members to proactively shape their roles. Rather than leave managers with such an open recommendation, GAP then provides delivers personalized directions for managers, such as “ask for ideas to improve” or “find projects where employees can assume autonomy.”

SAP-owned Qualtrics said it based these suggestions on research into leadership and manager effectiveness, team dynamics, motivation and other factors that are important to driving employee engagement and experience. Managers can drill down into each item to outline a personalized action plan for them to follow.

“As a worldwide company, we want to empower every one of our managers to quickly take action on feedback data with confidence,” one customer, Nuance Communications Senior Manager of Talent and Culture Kimberly Barnes, said through Qualtrics. Guided Action Planning “will be critical in helping us focus our organization on improving employee feedback and engagement by equipping our managers with tools such as this to help them succeed.”

Guided Action Planning allows HR to leverage existing learning content and deliver to the employees who need it, when they need it. The system also provides HR with the ability to track progress and action plan completion, thus increasing managers’ accountability.

Qualtrics’ New XM Solutions

The five new XM Solutions are designed to help HR and other program leaders to design, launch and analyze employee experience feedback in real time. The solutions come with preconfigured survey content pre-designed dashboards and pre-built employee messages.

Launching today in the XM Marketplace, the solutions include:

  • Corporate Responsibility, which measures how organizations can gain positive impact by following good environmental practices and initiatives delivered through their employees.
  • Ethics, which measures whether employees feel empowered and safe reporting ethical issues.
  • Growth and Development, designed to help organizations identify gaps in their growth and development initiatives.
  • Workplace Safety, intended help organizations measure and improve employee safety and security.
  • Work/Life Balance, which measures topics such as manager care, workload management, flexibility and intention to stay with the company.

Qualtrics EmployeeXM debuted in March, when the company renamed its Employee Experience product at its X4 Experience Summit. At the time, the company said its new capabilities would help companies move from point-in-time communications to continuous ways to assess employee feedback.

The following month Qualtrics launched is Employee Benefits Optimizer, which leverages employee feedback and models trade-offs to help companies create compensation and benefits packages in step with their culture and budget.

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