Qualtrics Adds to XM Product, Launches Developer Platform

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Qualtrics had a busy week. At its X4 Experience Summit, the company unveiled new features and changed the name of its Employee Experience product to Qualtrics EmployeeXM. It also launched a developer platform and added Korn Ferry to its partner network.

The company said EmployeeXM’s new capabilities will help companies move from point-in-time to continuous efforts to assess employee feedback and personalize the ways in which it’s collected and analyzed.

Jay Choi, Qualtrics’ vice president of employee experience, said EmployeeXM offers “a new and modern approach to employee experience.” Because it’s “always on,” the product can more quickly identify bumps in the road of employee experience. It does that by compiling experience and operational data, then analyzing it so management can take action.

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The new features include:

  • Digital Listening Posts, which allow employees to provide anonymous feedback any time they want. For example, frontline employees could offer feedback on customer interactions and suggest areas to improve customer service in real-time. All data is compiled in a centralized dashboard that includes ratings over time and open-text comment analysis.
  • Pre-configured programs that contain expert content, workflow and automation built directly into the Qualtrics XM platform. Called Qualtrics XM Solutions, they leverage recommended communications and pre-configured dashboards to complement an organization’s employee experience programs. The feature will include solutions from Bain & Company, JD Power, Kantar TRI*M, Walker Loyalty Matrix and Korn Ferry Engaged Performance.
  • The reporting side also offers Prescriptive Insights, which automatically surface opportunities individual managers can take to improve overall engagement. For example, the system might identify training and development as an area where engagement can be increased.
  • Guided action planning, which enables program administrators to lead managers in planning action steps to impact the employee experience. The feature surfaces recommended tasks, resources and best practices If “focus on training and development” is identified as an opportunity to improve engagement, for instance, the system will present information about why doing so is important, along with suggested actions a manager can take.

The Qualtrics Developer Platform

Qualtrics also launched the Qualtrics Developer Platform, through which third parties can offer consulting, technology and services to its customers. Besides XM Solutions, the platform offers XM Integrations built on its API layer. XM Integrations offers tools for a number of organizational functions, including CRM/help desk, marketing automation, video analytics and Integration as a Service. Among the companies participating are Marketo, Microsoft, Slack and Azuqua.

Korn Ferry Partnership

The company also said Korn Ferry joined its Qualtrics Partner Network and will will makes its organizational methodologies and expertise available through Qualtrics XM. Together, the companies hope to assist employers in driving results throughout “the employee journey.”

In addition to using Qualtrics as its technology platform standard, Korn Ferry said it will provide end-to-end delivery and advisory services to Qualtrics customers, assessing how engaged and enabled a customer’s employees feel, then analyzing the results through its benchmarking tools.

Korn Ferry will also offer consulting and advisory services to Qualtrics EmployeeXM customers in more than 50 countries. Built on the Qualtrics XM Platform, EmployeeXM delivers real-time engagement insights for enterprise-level companies. The technology, the companies said, allows organizations to identify gaps in the employee experience in order to improve engagement, raise productivity and reduce attrition. 

“With the Korn Ferry and Qualtrics partnership, our customers can measure their employee data, discover accurate insights and quickly take action,” said Qualtrics Chief Ecosystem Officer John Torrey. “We are excited to combine their expertise with our technology.”

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