Greenhouse Launches Program to Highlight Most Popular Partners


Talent acquisition platform Greenhouse introduced a new partnership program that incorporates peer guidance into technology purchasing process.

Along the way, the Customer-Preferred Partner Program elevates selected Greenhouse tech partners, specifically those that “create the most value and are preferred by existing Greenhouse customers,” the company said.

.@Greenhouse will elevate selected partners, specifically those that “create the most value and are preferred" by existing customers. #HR #HRTech Share on X

“Given the hundreds of innovative applications that can improve a customer’s TA tech stack, it is almost impossible for companies to keep up,” said Greenhouse Vice President of Platforms and Partnerships Dane Hurtubise. TA teams need “peer guidance and objective information” if they’re going to successfully keep their technology up-to-date, he said.

Just how objective that guidance and information will be remains to be seen. Greenhouse’s program spotlights those partners whose products are, in Hurtubise’s words, the “most preferred and implemented by Greenhouse customers.”

The first companies included in the program include Checkr, GoodHire and HireRight (background checks); Glassdoor, Hired, LinkedIn (sourcing); Gem (sourcing and email automation); HackerRank (testing), Interview Schedule (scheduling), Namely (HRIS) and Spark Hire (video interviewing). Greenhouse will add more companies as the program matures. Overall, Greenhouse has over 300 partners.

Greenhouse said it selects program participants based on their history with Greenhouse customers. Typically, these are the most popular tools that integrate with the company’s technology. New partners have to earn their way into the program, Greenhouse said, and their performance will be monitored over time. 

Partnerships and integrations are, of course, a growing component of the HCM technology landscape. By offering a path to favored status, Greenhouse seems to be offering its partners an incentive to keep their eyes on the ball in terms of product development, delivery and customer service. The company didn’t say whether partners receive any type of incentive beyond the promise of heightened exposure.

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