Eightfold AI Enhances UX, Adds Tools for Employees

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Eightfold AI rolled out new capabilities, including an improved user experience and new reporting and analytics tools. They’re all designed to help employees more easily use the company’s platform as they work to advance their careers.

Eightfold believes that the ability to derive insights from talent data is driving a shift from traditional HCM solutions to self-service career-path applications. To makes its way down that path, the company has emphasized “positive employee appeal,” work productivity and simplifying day-to-day employee experiences as core offerings of its Talent Intelligence Platform.

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The platform leverages a global data set to determine the availability, maturity, relevance, learnability and evolution of skills within specific organizations, as well as across the global market. At the same time, it allows for real-time insights and reporting, the company said. Through Eightfold’s Career Hub, employees can now understand and acquire the skills needed to grow within their organizations.

Employee Development

Specifically, the platform now offers:

  • A consumer-grade user experience that increases internal development, paired with intelligent onboarding. The result, Eightfold said, is “a highly personalized experience that benefits the organization and employee alike.”
  • Real-time analytics on skills that allow organizations to view insights on skill strengths and gaps across all employees and hiring prospects.
  • Customizable dashboards that facilitate a deeper understanding of the organization.
  • A Career Hub that matches employees to internal roles, projects, mentors and learning courses aligned with their desired career path.
  • Automated and tailored career pathing, which predicts future role matches based on inferred and adjacent skills. The module also surfaces growth opportunities for employees, including lateral and non-traditional career moves.

“We have put the power of the most advanced AI platform directly into employees’ hands,” said Eightfold AI President Kamal Ahluwalia.

In September, Eightfold launched a Job Intelligence Engine that uses AI to define roles, then self-learns by using internal and external market data to optimize talent decisions and help employers make better talent decisions. The result, according to the company, is better visibility into an employer’s existing workforce, including the skills necessary to help the business evolve.

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