Eightfold AI Uses ‘Talent Intelligence Copilots’ to Add Deep Learning to Platform

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Eightfold AI said it’s integrating recent versions of generative AI large language models in order to create two role-specific Talent Intelligence Copilots. On top of that, Eightfold’s Talent Insights will reflect the changing skills and roles created by generative AI in the labor market. Eightfold said that with the changes, the Talent Intelligence Platform will offer greater assistance for both employees and recruiters, increasing both effectiveness and productivity.

Since its founding, Eightfold AI has used deep learning AI to understand a job seeker’s skills, potential, ability to learn and adapt to new situations. This is especially timely as talent management becomes increasingly complex, Eightfold said.

The new Talent Intelligence Copilots offer Eightfold AI customers stronger text generation capabilities and improved language understanding to assist with their activities throughout the talent management process.

  • Employee Copilot is designed to help employees better manage their career and complete talent development tasks. An employee can use the Copilot to assist in aggregating career insights, identifying career education opportunities or discovering career options available to them within the organization. The copilot uses a conversational, prompt-based interface.
  • Recruiter Copilot assists recruiters on their talent acquisition journey, helping them with interview scheduling, sending candidate reminders, generating job descriptions and consolidating insights from across the platform, using natural language interaction.

The impact of generative AI is significantly changing the way work gets done, Eightfold said.

Estimates say 40% of all working hours can be impacted by generative AI large language models. The reason: language tasks account for 62% of the total time employees work. Eightfold Talent Insights will provide an understanding of which roles are changing and use that information to help enterprises produce better workforce planning.

In February, Eightfold released its Intelligent Experience (IX) offering as an addition to its platform. The company said the product’s goal was to help employers and talent teams take advantage of data-driven activities and decision-making, saving them time and effort on business processes.

Image: Eightfold AI

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