Phenom Expands Platform’s AI Capabilities

Phenom Explainable AI

Phenom released new products and features at last week’s IAMPHENOM conference, including tools to improve talent acquisition’s efficiency, monitor and manage the skills-related needs of both employees and managers, and leverage AI to automate content creation and eliminate a number of tasks normally shouldered by users throughout the talent acquisition process.

Leading the list was Experience+ (“X+,” for short), a platform-wide generative AI application. It was followed by 18 platform intelligence and automation features.  

Phenom X+ is designed to dynamically support an organization’s hiring, retention and growth needs by leveraging an “ensemble” of AI models that includes foundational, specialized and contextual tools. In addition, Phenom X+ takes additional context into account — things like vertical, market and team and user data — and uses it to deliver a high level of personalization, precision and experience, the company said.

Among Phenom X+’s capabilities:  

  • Generates contextually relevant job descriptions based on role requirements, past ideal candidates and current high-performing employees
  • Auto-generates on-brand content and optimizes discoverability via SEO
  • Offers candidates a natural language search experience
  • Highlights best-fit external and internal candidates for open roles
  • Schedules and manages interviews using natural language
  • Provides interview transcripts, candidate responses, summaries and insights
  • Analyzes chatbot questions and generates appropriate responses
  • Recommends optimizations to hiring workflows

For talent management, Phenom X+:

  • Provides performance insights across teams
  • Identifies succession planning opportunities for high-performing employees
  • Flags employee flight risks and provides information on how to keep them
  • Detects skills gaps and surfaces upskilling and reskilling opportunities

New Intelligence

Phenom also showed off technology meant to improve both the hiring cycle for candidates and the interview process for internal stakeholders.  

  • Interview Intelligence brings transparency to hiring teams with recordings, transcriptions and takeaways designed to move the process forward more quickly and improve decision-making  
  • Candidate Hub helps candidates understand where they are in the hiring process and also how to prepare for next steps  
  • Workforce Intelligence provides talent management teams with context and oversight to help make sure people are appropriately onboarded, retained and developed
  • Succession Planning facilitates growth, development and movement within the organization. It identifies employees who are suitable for specific roles, and determines eligibility and readiness based on tenure, performance, skills, competencies and other “signal.”

The company also unveiled new automation for frontline and hourly workers, designed to temper the tedious, manual tasks recruiters often face when they’re working with such candidates.

  • Automation Engine is a backend solution that provides the framework and components to identify, build and monitor automation workflows.
  • Talent Companion provides an omnichannel approach to engaging candidates throughout the hiring process. It provides real-time responses to questions, helps users prepare for interviews and shares reminders timed to eliminate guesswork.
  • High-Volume Hiring delivers end-to-end automation of the hiring process. Using AI-based workflows, it removes redundant processes that can clog volume hiring pipelines. It also reduces the strain on recruiting teams by automating for high-volume and seasonal staffing surges.

Finally, Phenom announced a multi-tiered support model, the Phenom Service Experience. By adding more self-service capabilities and a direct line to support, the company hopes to accelerate problem resolution and increase customer satisfaction. The experience includes a Support Portal, Service Hub, Platform Status Page, Learning Academy, User Community, Global Office Hours and Managed Services Plans.

Image: Phenom

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